Professional Services

I have had a psychotherapy practice in Rondebosch, Cape Town for the past 16 years working with individuals, couples,  teenagers, children and parents offering in-depth (long and short term) psychotherapy and play therapy. I am to provide my clients with a safe, confidential and professional therapeutic space to gain insight and work through their difficulties.

I work with a wide variety of clients: from those experiencing immediate situational emotional distress,  those needing help with relationship difficulties, to individuals coping with living with more severe psychological disorders. I also work with individuals and couples who are looking to engage in a meaningful journey of self exploration and personal growth.

I work psychodynamically which involves getting to the root of relational problems and maladaptive patterns of behaviour to bring about the development of new patterns of behaviour and relating.

My professional services also include medico-legal assessments of adults and children as well as providing expert court testimony .