Online Psychotherapy

I offer online psychotherapy to individuals, families, couples and teenagers if face to face sessions are not possible. Online Therapy: Individual psychotherapy

The use of online therapy is offered during those times when in-person psychotherapy is not feasible, for one reason of another(currently CO VID 19 Govt Shutdown). Whether to do with the present limitations in terms of time, space or accessibility of either patient or psychotherapist, online psychotherapy is offered as an interim measure. You may working remotely or be ill and unable to travel but still need support.It is used for the sake of the continuity and regularity of process, in order to offer the patient on-going therapeutic contact and care. It is not intended as a replacement of in-person contact, which modality will resume with a return to the normal circumstances of availability and accessibility of patient and therapist.

Online therapy: Couple psychotherapy

Working with couples online presents somewhat of a challenge to the three people present. When working online, the couple’s process is potentially impacted upon by the lack of freedom with respect to seating positions, which each member of the couple would freely choose during the course of an ordinary in-person session. I ask that we communicate with the use of a shared screen, with both members of the couple present in one room, engaging with the therapist on one device. In instances where the couple are not in the same location, the process will continue with the use of three screens.

How does online therapy work?

I will arrange a method of connectivity once you contact me via email: or WhatsApp 0833500943

Then we set up the time of the session which will be private and confidential from my side.

As the client you need to please ensure that you are in a private environment for the consultation. If privacy is an issue one can even use a car. One wants to minimise the possibility of interruptions from outside. You are required to present yourself in the manner similar to that which you present yourself in the room i.e. seated , clothing, grooming as for face to face appointments, without distractions of food, drink etc.Please do not record the session on any device or disclose to the therapist if you intend to. I will not record any sessions. Certain online platforms are encrypted and more secure for this purpose. I can be emailed for further information regarding any aspect of online therapy .

Fee and payment:

Once an enquiry for an session is received directly the fee and payment information will be provided.  Payment is generally done via EFT or Snapscan . Initial sessions are paid on the day of consultation and regular therapy is billed monthly .

Limitations of online psychotherapy

The lack of personal contact between patient and therapist can be experienced as frustrating for patient and/or therapist. As a digital medium, it lacks of opportunities for close and accurate perception of the facial and body language of each person. At times, tone of voice may be distorted. In addition, the patient’s experience of the absence of the psychotherapist in the room may cause feelings of being less contained or supported. As such, the patient may experience a sense of detachment and even aloneness in the process, which may not otherwise have been a feature of the therapeutic process. I will address these issues should they arise and the aim is to provide connection and a real therapeutic encounter.

Technological requirements and competences

To engage in online therapy, you will require a device that can connect to the internet and be able to install and use the software that we agree to use for communication. A preferred platform, due to its reliability at the level of security and confidentiality, is Zoom. Skype or Whatsapp Video Calling is available.

Should you require explanation regarding this platform please inform me. By way of clarification in the interim, our contact on Zoom will be scheduled on my part, using Google Calendar. I would send you an invite to join a meeting at an agreed upon time and date. Please ensure that your device support the Zoom app, and that is it downloaded, so that the work may commence. 

A reliable high-speed internet connection is also required. Please be aware that online therapy may utilize significant amounts of data, especially if video is used.

Should you be unable to access the internet for one reason or another, the preferred alternative is telephonic contact. Under the circumstances of our being unable to make contact online, I will contact you telephonically on the number provided in this contract.

Procedures for technical difficulties

Disruptions can occur when using the internet to communicate. Should our communication be disrupted, I will immediately attempt to reconnect and resume the session. However, if I am repeatedly unable to reconnect for 10 minutes, the session will be rescheduled (via email) to a later date. This time will be charged for. However, when possible, given the therapist’s and patient’s availability, I offer to extend the session by the number of minutes of the session which were disrupted by technical difficulties.


Online therapy utilizes the Internet for the transmission of personal information and therefore there are increased risks to confidentiality. As such, the guarantee to your confidential extends only insofar as I am able to manage it within my capacity as a psychotherapist. I cannot offer you 100% assurance that there may not be a breach of confidentiality as a result of problems with the platform of our online communication.

To protect your confidentiality, I will require that we use services that provide encryption to communicate. Please consider password protecting the devices you use and installing antivirus software to prevent access by third parties.

Please ensure that you use a private environment when engaging in online therapy so that intrusions can be minimized. If you need to discuss a different appointment time in order to ensure a private and undisturbed environment, please let me know via either email or text/Whatsapp.