Adult Psychotherapy

When considering whether psychotherapy could be helpful I often remember how the poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, describes the potential value of an interpersonal encounter. He wrote, “Ultimately, and precisely in the deepest and most important matters, we are unspeakably alone; and many things must happen, many things must go right, a whole constellation of events must be fulfilled, for one human being to successfully advise or help another.”I believe that the experience of psychotherapy can be helpful but it requires vulnerability, courage, and an open heart on the part of therapist and client. It is privilege to allow another to tell their story and for them to feel heard and understood  in a deeper, more meaningful way.

It is with this understanding that I offer both short and long term psychotherapy to individuals who may be struggling with emotional difficulties. My approach involves an active collaboration where we work together to address your emotional distress so that you can have a better understanding of yourself, and a live freer and more connected life. I believe that we do have the capacity to heal ourselves but we can get stuck at various stages of our lives. We know that something is wrong but seem unable to move forward.

These are some reasons why you may want to consult a Psychologist

  • You may want to understand  yourself better in order to facilitate personal growth.
  • You may be struggling with a significant relationship
  • You  may feel constantly worried, or you may be struggling with low mood, depression and sadness
  • You may have a psychiatric diagnosis like bipolar mood disorder, post natal depression and need emotional support
  • You may have difficulties related to addiction or an eating disorder
  • You may have experienced a traumatic life event such as divorce, death of a loved one
  • You may be coping with a serious illness/chronic health condition/chronic pain and need emotional support
  • You may be experiencing a significant life adjustment: parenthood, midlife, retirement, concerns related to ageing
  • You may be worried about your child’s behavior or academic progress

I work with adults of heterosexual, homosexual and other sexual and gender variant persuasions. I aim to be open and respectful to a person’s religious beliefs/practices.